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[Shanghai, China, September 22, 2023] Huawei has officially released the O3 Community at HUAWEI CONNECT 2023 in Shanghai, China. With the shared goal of “online open orchestration” among Huawei, partners, and customers, the O3 Community is a platform for global engineers to connect and share their knowledge and experiences.
Huawei and partners released the O3 Community
Huawei opens its three decades of expertise in ICT services to build the O3 Community for fostering knowledge sharing and idea exchange between customers and partners. The goal is to enable global engineers to efficiently access valuable insights and improve their service capabilities. The community has been globally deployed with support for multiple languages and platforms.
The key values of the O3 Community are also introduced at HUAWEI CONNECT 2023.
Jianghua Li, President of Huawei GTS Enterprise Delivery & Service Dept, highlighted the role of digitalization and AI technologies in driving the integration of technologies and industries worldwide. Continued support from and cooperation with partners is crucial to enable industries to transform towards digital intelligence. As an integral part of Huawei’s partner services enablement system, the O3 Community has built a platform for Huawei and partners to collaborate and provide customers with a consistent service experience.


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