On a recent balmy Spring evening, I caught up with Griffith Industry Mentor, Alison Butcher, and her mentee, Masters of Information Technology student, Bozhao Li to learn about their Industry Mentoring Program (IMP) partnership. I’m delighted to share a bit about their experience, and what they have gained from their time in the IMP.
Griffith alumnus and former IMP mentee, Alison, rejoined the Program as a mentor in 2022. Now established as a software engineer at Gold Coast University Hospital, Alison credits her success to the guidance of excellent IMP mentors during her time as a student. Bozhao, an international student originally from China, moved to Australia in 2022 with his young family to pursue further study and explore future career opportunities. Making the transition from a successful career in finance to the life of a student in an unfamiliar country was tough. Bozhao was grappling with the challenges of settling his young family and was looking for help to understand Australian work culture, navigate the Australian software engineering landscape, and provide some clarity and confidence around future career options. Alison’s patience, knowledge and dedication provided the support that he needed.
Bozhao stated that his experience in the Program has been a pivotal factor in his academic, professional, and personal success in Australia. He shared that one of the most notable aspects of their connection was the open and approachable environment that Alison nurtured – Bozhao never felt reluctant to ask questions and was able to speak candidly about the difficulties that he was experiencing. “It was helpful to have someone like Alison to share the challenges and concerns about life in Australia”.
Currently undertaking a WIL placement with Brisbane-based media-tech company Cinefly, Bozhao has been making a positive impression and is gaining valuable experience. Now excited about his future and feeling confident about the opportunities that await him in Australia, he was keen to acknowledge Alison’s insight:
“The knowledge and guidance I have gained under her mentorship are truly irreplaceable. As I move forward in my career, I will carry these lessons with me and strive to emulate her professional ethos.”
Meanwhile, Alison noted the importance of understanding the unique challenges faced by many international students. She shared what she has learnt from the connection, “Meeting Bozhao has been a valuable learning experience for me, too. It has opened my eyes to the struggles and aspirations of international students like him who are not only striving for academic success but also trying to adapt to new culture and environment.” She added that she is learning so much as a mentor and recognises the importance of building authentic connections to make the greatest impact with her mentees.
This encounter gave me the opportunity to reflect on yet another successful mentoring story and the power of generous human connection. It is inspiring to see how both Alison and Bozhao have benefited from this mentorship and the learning and growth they have achieved through such a meaningful connection. The impact that our industry mentors have on unleashing student potential continues to help pave the paths of Griffith students towards future career success.
For more information please contact:
Breeda Crowley
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Website: www.griffith.edu.au/careers-employment/industry-mentoring-program

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