New parent company formed following CCG IQ and Donan merger
Charlotte, NC, and Louisville, KY., October 6, 2022 –Alpine Intel has been established as the new parent company for insurance services firms HVACi, Donan, and StrikeCheck. The announcement comes as the result of the December 2021 merger of industry innovators CCG IQ and Donan and represents the businesses’ continued commitment to leveraging specialized experts and innovative technology to provide high-quality property insurance solutions nationwide.
“Uniting the intelligence of CCG IQ and Donan to form Alpine Intel has allowed us to identify and meet the needs of our carrier partners and their policyholders faster and more efficiently than ever before,” Alpine Intel President & CEO Damon Stafford said. “Our incredible forensic talent and subject matter experts are the power behind our success. It’s also driven by our technology – the foundation of getting our customers the data they need quickly.”
Alpine Intel, headquartered in Charlotte, NC, and Louisville, KY, will continue to expand its offerings and enhance its unique ability to provide customers solutions to reach peak performance throughout the policy life cycle. Its suite of services provides objective equipment and property investigations for insurance companies, investors, law firms, and manufacturers, all serving residential and commercial customers. Clients should continue to rely on existing brands, HVAC Investigators (HVACi); StrikeCheck; and Donan’s forensic engineering, fire investigations, and Component Testing Lab (CTL), the way they always have.
Alpine Intel’s commitment to delivering actionable intelligence to help customers is reflected in the name. It’s the company’s mission to embark on an upward path and be the one true partner in all matters of property claims. Alpine speaks to aspiration and achievement, and Intel expresses the highest possible benefits provided: deep expertise and knowledge and the enhanced confidence to make the best decisions.
About Alpine Intel:
Alpine Intel is dedicated to innovation across a broad range of property insurance intelligence – helping our customers reach peak performance throughout the policy life cycle. Through our operating brands, Donan, HVACi, and StrikeCheck, we are respected as the industry leader for our scale and track record of conducting expert, specialized, and accurate investigations nationwide. Our objective results provide significant value for insurance companies, investors, law firms, and manufacturers, all of whom serve residential and commercial customers. Headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, and Louisville, Kentucky, our team of experienced professionals provides high-quality solutions across all 50 states.
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Katie Roudabush
EVP of Marketing
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