June 28, 2023
A 70-year-old man was killed in a fire incident in the capital’s Mohammadpur area on Wednesday (28 June).
“The fire broke out on the fifth floor of a multi-storied residential building on Shahjahan Road in Mohammadpur. The fire broke out at 12:25am on Wednesday,” Acting Director General of Fire Service Wahidul Islam told The Business Standard. 
“An hour-long effort by five fire service units brought the fire under control. A seventy-year-old man named Musharraf Hosne died in the fire incident. Residents say that there was a loud noise during the fire in the multi-storied building,” he added. 
People in the building have been evacuated to a safe place.
“An investigation into the origin of the fire is going on. The old man who died in the fire was a retired Navy officer,” the official said. 
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