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Owner Rob Sonier next to one of the company’s 11 fleet vehicles
VICTORIA – The motto of 4 Seasons Fire Prevention Services (4SFPS) is “Educated Prevention – Engineered Protection”.
“That is a motto I created while focusing on the fact that this career isn’t just about Building Codes, Fire Codes, Engineering and Design,” states owner Rob Sonier. “It is also about customer rapport and being able and willing to share knowledge within our team and with clients.”
As a Full-Service Fire Protection company, 4SFPS services a variety of Fire Protection equipment via multiple specialized divisions within the 4SFPS Group. They install, test and service Fire Alarm, Fire Sprinkler, Kitchen Fire Suppression, and Special Fire Suppression Systems of a variety of manufacturers along with related Fire and Life Safety equipment.
An 4SFPS crane lifting a fire suppression cylinder for installation aboard a work vessel
They boast well over 1,000 repeat clients in the Marine, Commercial, Residential, Industrial and Institutional sectors across Vancouver Island.
“Providing education through small talk, courses, training and simply responding to questions is an important piece of any successfully engineered Fire Protection System,” Sonier noted. “If our clients don’t understand, then success rates are reduced in not only protecting valued assets, but priceless life as well.”
4SFPS was founded in 1998 by Brett Ainey and Joe Allard, with Rick McNeil and Elaine Lakeman backing them. Sonier, who has been involved in the Fire Protection Industry since the mid 1990’s in northern Ontario, joined the company in 2000 and purchased it outright in 2014.
Their flagship distributorship today is the SIEMENS Fire and Life Safety Systems line.
“We take a lot of pride in providing our clients with impressive discounts on the industry leading SIEMENS line,” he says. “The product technology, robustness and usability has been an easy decision for our clients. Substantial discounts certainly play a role in continuing to promote the SIEMENS line all over the island.”
4SFPS’ current focus is growing its Marine Fire Protection Division.
“With massive insurance increases specifically in the Marine sector, we saw a lot of smaller businesses step away from this market opening a variety of opportunities for us to grow our already successful Marine Division,” he points out. “We have added staff and improved processes ensuring ‘safe sailing’ for Coast Guard, Navy, Fishing, Commercial, Tourist, Private Yachts and personal vessels.”
Sonier sums up the reason for the company’s success succinctly.
“We care,” he says. “We care for our staff and for our clients. We understand that a functional business is built with professional, successful and knowledgeable staff that care.”
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