News Release PR8845 – published on 14 February 2023
Members of the Cabinet have asked that consideration is given to how existing 20 mph zones could be extended into neighbourhoods around schools that face significant risk between students and highway traffic.
If introduced, the scheme would see enforceable 20mph speed limits being introduced on arterial routes or distributor roads outside these schools. Previously 20mph speed limits have only been enforceable where there is appropriate highways engineering, or it has been only advisory.
Leader of Torbay Council Cllr Steve Darling said “A number of our schools are on either arterial or distributor roads and we need to give serious consideration to reducing speeds at these locations as a matter of course. We think that, by making the wider areas around these schools 20mph, we will see better habits being developed by drivers across Torbay.”
Deputy Leader of Torbay Council Cllr Darren Cowell went onto say “Two schools that immediately come to mind in Torquay that could benefit from this are St Cuthbert Mayne and Torquay Academy. There are many more throughout the bay that need serious consideration. We want to have a consultation with the community to begin to explore these options and allow people to shape any emerging schemes.”
The Transport and Parking Working Party are being asked to consider whether schemes could be developed around the following schools:
A second phase of the programme could include:
The Transport and Parking Working Party will meet to discuss this on 22 February 2023 with consultation on the proposals due to take place after the Local Elections in May 2023.
Find out more about the meeting taking place on 22 February. 
Cllr Steve Darling, Leader of the Council and Cllr Darren Cowell, Deputy Leader are pictured with Jennie the dog outside of Torquay Academy. 
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